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Northcoast | Włoskie produkty premium


Since 1992, North Coast S.A. has imported and distributed premium quality food products.

Its suppliers are mostly the leading and renowned food producers from the Mediterranean Basin’s region.

Here are the main facts from the company’s business operations: 

  • 1992 founding North Coast Ltd. 
  • 1993 starting the import from Italy
  • 1997 opening the second warehouse (in Kraków)
  • 1998 starting the import of fresh foods from Italy 
  • 2004 starting the import of frozen foods 
  • 2005 decision to float the company’s shares on the stock market 
  • 2006 Initial Public Offering  
  • 2006 opening the branches in Wrocław and Gdańsk 
  • 2007 opening the branch in Poznań 
  • 2009 launching the production of Italian cheese products in Rzepin
  • 2014North Coast becomes a part of Nuova Castelli Group 
  • 2016 opening the main warehouse in Gliwice 
  • 2018 opening the new office in Warsaw 
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